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Feb 27, 2010 12:00am EST
this was news, although it is old news at this point. did ben bernanke deserve the honor of person of the year? >> well, he certainly get some credit for bringing us back from the brink, but he deserves a lot of blame for pushing us to the brink. it depends on how you balance that. the fact that the fed, he and his predecessor, alan greenspan, were largely responsible for the mismanagement of the economy, failing to have regulations that would have stopped us from getting into this mess, even as we have been pulled back from the brink. unemployment has soared. people have said we will not be back to normal unemployment until the middle of the decade. yes, it is great the banks are paying bonuses again, it is great they are making big profits. america is still in not good shape. tavis: how do you respond to the notion that i have read that the obama team, speaking of bernanke, that the obama economic team, tim geithner, larry summer, that group, there is not a stiglitz-like voice in that group? you hear the critique all the time of what is missing on the economic team. what are your thoughts? >
Feb 1, 2010 12:00pm EST
to find someone except in some secondary posts who are true agents of change. tavis: is ben bernanke the man to run the fed? >> i don't think so. you need to clean house broadly. you need to take a reexaminatio of what's happening and really, i think, for another reason and poorpersonperson, these are pp well-meaning people. you need to clean house. you need to start again. what happens is it's like pz anything. if you start cooking something  and you're halfway through the  recipe and you realize that you forgot to put butter in the batter in the beginning and you keep going, it won't work. you have to start again. one little ingredient can spoil the whole thing. tavis: given the chorus is growing louder and louder every day that the money people are the wrong people, i'm sure they're fine people, but given the chorus is growing louder and louder, it's almost to the point of being deafening now, many people think these are the wrong people, how long do you project or think it will be before the president gets the fact that somebody, bernanke, geithner, summers, someone has
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2